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You always want to be up to date? You are curious about skin care and beauty?

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We simply love skin.

iluqua was launched to give us women the necessary knowledge for effective (visible) skin care.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to keep a clear view in today’s beauty jungle:

What do I really need?

What is actually effective and what not?

How do I use which product for optimal results?

These are just few of the questions that one is dealing with regulary.

We strongly believe that every woman can make the most out of her skin condition with the appropriate knowledge.

Worth to know.

We share all our knowledge about skin care with you learn everything you ever wanted to know:

skin care 1×1

all about actives

tips & tricks


make-up and co.

and the hottest beauty news

With the right knowledge you will be your own skin care expert.

Studies, research and insights

There are new discoveries and trendsetting progress in skin care every single day.

anti-aging, skin problems or ingredients

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